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Ezibuild orchard structure is the best way to beat the birds!

Ezibuild orchard structure is the best way to beat the birds!

This is a great example of our Ezibuild orchard structure recently installed in Bridgetown, by the beautiful Blackwood River. It’s a very good looking structure – in this case, we didn’t need to install external anchors or box strainers to hold the poles in place; the 200mm diameter poles were set a metre down in heavy ground, which was sufficient to stop them moving in a structure this size.

We have also worked out a neater and simpler method for fixing the netting on the outside corners of the poles, where the two sides meet.  A straight 2.5mm cut along the length of the pole is made prior to the net being put in place, with the orientation of the cut on the outward face of the pole.  This is used as a channel for the PVC coated wire to pin the netting in place once it has been stretched in the correct position around the pole from both sides and temporarily pinned in in place.  The wire needs tapping into the channel with a hammer but once in place is very secure. A few galvanised clout nails along the length ensures it will never move.

Many thanks to Michael and Anne for choosing Crackpots Rural!

If you’d like to find out more about our Ezibuild orchard structures, check out the short video on our website or give us a call on 9337 2211. We have a free manual and step-by-step instruction video, and can supply all the gear you need, including our premium black 6-ply bird netting, which comes with a 10-year warranty.

As the photos show, it’s a very effective way to keep birds and other vermin away from your precious fruit trees!


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