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Building Site Screening


Building Site Screening is the perfect solution to help keep any site mess out of view, plus it helps to keep dust or debris in.

Crackpots sells a 70% density shadecloth that is ideal as a screening solution for building sites.

With site screening, the higher the shade density the less light that gets through, and as a result the harder it is to see through.  So a 70% shadecloth will allow some visibility and light through.  Take a look at the two photos above, in the image on the right you can still make out shapes & shades, but its not possible to pick out much detail.  So if you need to conceal what’s happening on your building site – maybe it’s a little messy – 70% screening will help.

Just as importantly, construction site screening will be an effective barrier in helping to keep small debris and dust on site, and away from the public.

For Building Site Screening a 70% shade factor will also allow some wind through, which is important as you don’t want your screening acting as a sail.  For installation, we recommend attaching to an existing fence for support, and to limit movement due to the wind.

Available in three colours – black, green and beige, as well as the option of 1.83m wide or 3.66m wide.

ColourShade DensityGSM Roll Width
White 70%200 GSM
1.83m or 3.6m
Black70%200 GSM
1.83m or 3.6m
Green70%200 GSM
1.83m or 3.6m

We’ve got a wide range of shadecloth across different densities so if you’re looking for a different type of shade cloth to act as a windbreak, or perhaps a 50% shade factor,  See our full range