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Tree Guards


If you’re serious about maximising the growth and survival of your plantings, tree guards represent one of the best and most cost effective options, especially if you’re planting in dry, windy or pest-prone areas (like most of WA!).

Crackpot Rural Supplies - Tree GuardsEach tree guard provides a secure, stable microclimate, allowing plants to grow with minimal environmental stress. The rigid, fluted high walls allow light to enter whilst maintaining humidity and reducing evaporative water loss. The great advantage of tree guards over plastic sleeves (and we sell both) is that they are far less prone to collapse and attack by predators. The rigid walls can be sunk into the ground to give significant levels of protection against strong drying winds, hail, sandblasting, chemical sprays and grazing animals.


Crackpot Rural Supplies - Tree Guards 2

  • Provide a proven and dramatic increase in plant growth and survival
  • Largely eliminate damage caused by native animals, pests or stock
  • Minimal installation time, effort and cost
  • Fluted, non-collapsible walls that withstand heavy winds, sandblasting and hail
  • Provide an ideal microclimate, facilitating water retention and rapid growth
  • Significantly reduce watering requirements
  • UV-stabilised and guaranteed for three years
  • Suitable for multiple usage, dramatically reducing the overall cost per planting
  • Provides useful protection against overspray when using herbicides to control against weeds


Contact us if you’d like more information or a quote – our tree guard prices are competitive, and we can organise deliver to almost anywhere in WA.