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Bird Netting – Perth WA

Anti-bird netting and fruit netting – superior crop protection.

Crackpot Rural Supplies - Anti Bird NettingCrackpots Rural has been supplying premium quality knotted anti-bird netting throughout WA’s fruit, vegetable and grape growing regions for over 20 years. Our customers include large horticultural ventures such as vineyards and commercial orchards through to yabbie and marron farms, small recreational orchardists or protection for that lone but important fruit tree in the the back garden.

Our value-for-money heavy duty bird netting is available in a range of different widths and lengths, and can be cut as required.

An important and growing part of our service and products are permanent bird control structures.Our bespoke EZBuild structure is ideal for small to medium sized orchards.

Whatever your application, we can provide the netting and equipment you need to protect your crop. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Bird Netting for Dams & Aquaculture

We stock and supply a range of bird net sizes, that will suit everything from a pond through to a large scale dam.  Depending on which birds you need to exclude,  we’ll have the netting to help.  Generally,  3” 9 ply netting is best suited to keeping medium size birds off ponds, but will also work to exclude larger birds too.  6” 12 ply bird netting can be used to keep larger birds off dams.

Why Crackpots only sells knotted anti-bird netting.

We believe that knotted anti-bird netting combines a superior set of qualities that ensure you get the best value for money. Crackpots bird netting is made from UV-treated, black hard twisted polyethylene twine, in either 4 or 6ply, to produce a premium quality and extremely strong mesh.

Crackpot Rural Supplies - Fruit NettingNetting characteristics:

  • Hard twist twine of multiple filaments knotted at every mesh has inherent high strength and low tendency to mechanical damage
  • Superb wear characteristics
  • Less bulk than loose weave products significantly reduces the potential for wind related movement and wear
  • Smaller storage volumes
  • Very easy to repair – any tear stops at the knot
  • Twisted monofilaments reduce exposure to UV damage.
  • All filaments have to break before loosing structural integrity.  We offer a 10 year warranty against defects and UV failure
  • Black has far superior UV characteristics than white
  • Rain and moisture does not aggregate easily on netting, minimizing the compression of foliage
  • Superior air flow through the meshes

Temporary or ‘throw over’ fruit netting.

Our premium standard 4ply bird netting is widely used as temporary throwover netting in the vineyard industry and for tree cover during the fruiting season.

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Premium super heavy duty anti-bird netting.

Our premium heavy duty 6ply netting is more commonly used where nets are permanently exposed or fixed, and where extra weight and strength may be required, such as in high wind areas.  Premium 6ply netting is also used for other applications such as chook pens, cat enclosures and fishponds.
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