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Standard Structures

When a larger bird control structure than the EZBuild is required, we’re your people! We specialise in robust, proven, long-lasting, permanent custom bird control structures for orchards, vineyards and hobby farms. We can assist with a detailed plan and quote, advise on reliable contractors in your area, and supply all the tools and materials you need, include our premium quality bird netting that comes with a 10-year warranty.

Compared to an EZ

When designing and planning your bird control structure, you will need to take into account your soil type, crop, location and orientation, access, aesthetics, budget and the pests you need keeping out. Depending on your requirements, the following design features can be included in your structure:

  • Wide access gates for tractors or machinery
  • Personnel gates
  • Vermin-proof fence to exclude rabbits and other pests
  • Sloping net sides

We can help with design, quoting, materials and we’re happy to help with construction advice. Contact us now to get started on your custom anti-bird netting structure.