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Vine and Trellis Ties

Crackpots is the sole WA supplier of quality New Zealand-made Klipon vine and trellis ties.

These tried and tested ties are an essential part of any serious trellising arrangement. Ties are available in two sizes, and can be used for just about every vine, trellis or tree fastening situation. Easy-to-attach hooks at both ends make the clipping of branches or vines onto wires quick and easy. The UV-stable polypropylene tie is extremely strong, while ensuring the contact does not cause damage to the plant. All ties are suited to fixing onto a 2.5mm support wire. Available in bags of 1,000.

Crackpot Rural Supplies - Tree TiesVine Ties: Ideally suited to vines and young fruit trees, these ties are 70mm long and 2.5mm wide. Made from UV stable polypropylene, these hardwearing ties are reusable and will last for years.
Crackpot Rural Supplies - Trellis TiesTrellis Ties: Suited to smaller branches such as nashi, cherry and other trellis crops. 100mm long and 5mm wide.
Crackpot Rural Supplies - Tree Lock FastenersTreelok Tree Fasteners: This heavy duty fastening system is designed for larger branches and trunks. Simply pull out the length you require, cut, and place around the branch and the support structure. Thread one end through the eye of the other end to achieve a strong and effective fastening. Continuous Treelok comes in 50m lengths in handy, easy to use boxes.

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