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Troforte Fertiliser

TROFORTE – The future of plant nutrition. Did you know that up to 85 % of non slow-release fertilisers are leached away, with no benefit to the plants? Non slow-release fertilisers are also the biggest polluters of our waterways, responsible for algal blooms that destroy fish and aquatic plant life. Crackpots recommends TROFORTE M ® – a technologically advanced plant nutrition system that is packed with beneficial soil microbes, fungi and essential minerals. This microbe-coated, mineral enriched slow release fertiliser is an Australian product that is environment, river and reef safe. Every application of TROFORTE M ® will improve the health of your soil. Crackpots stocks a range of TROFORTE M ® products, including Vegetable and Herb; Lawn; Rose/Azalea/Camellia; and General Purpose, which is fantastic for natives. Contact us to find out more or place an order.