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Kit Form

Kit Form

You want your own bird control structure to keep birds away from your vineyard, orchard or garden but are put off by the cost of paying someone to put it up for you. Simple! Why not do it yourself and save on the labour costs?

Kit FormDo you feel confident about doing it yourself? Give us a call and we will help you decide whether you have the skills, time and confidence to take on this type of project.

It may be easier than you think! Alternatively, we can provide a team to install the structure for you at very reasonable prices.

We can supply you with detailed plans and instructions as well as a complete range of products you will need to construct your own anti-bird netting structure.

Kit FormThe costs of installing a bird control structure will vary according to the size and specific requirements, but is not necessarily proportional to the size of the structure.

This is because a significant proportion of the labour costs remain similar, even though you may be using considerably less materials.

A small bird control structure can therefore end up being relatively expensive unless the labour costs are minimised or eliminated.

Kit FormWork out what size of structure you need to protect your trees or garden and contact us for a quote. We supply you with;

  • Detailed plans and instructions
  • All components
  • Anti-bird netting
  • Access gates and hardware