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Kit Form Netted Orchard Structure

Bird Netting on Orchard Structure


Would you like your own bird control structure to keep birds away from your vineyard, orchard or garden, but are put off by the cost of paying someone to put it up for you? Why not do it yourself and save on the labour costs?  Our EZBuild Structure might be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

And building one is easier than you think. We’ve come up with three standard sized netted orchard structure kits that come with everything you need to build yourself a professional orchard structure that will protect your crop from the birds, and last for many years.  All you need to do is source the poles, and put the structure up.  We’ll supply you with all of the components, plans & instructions, and even a video to watch so  that you can confidently build your own anti-bird netting structure.

EZBUILD Orchard Structure Kits

Along with helping you plan your DIY anti-bird structure, Crackpots will supply all the hardware you need to build and maintain it. All metal fixings, anchors, wires, cabling and hinges are hot dipped galvanised for extra strength and durability. Plus we’ve supply you with layout diagrams and detailed instructions.  Remember you’ll need to supply your own poles.  In each kit you will receive:

  • Premium 6-ply bird netting
  • Drop anchors
  • High tension wire
  • PVC coated wire
  • Wire grips and strainers
  • Eye bolts
  • Pole caps
  • Poly tubing
  • Staples

Small – Kit Form Orchard Structure

Measuring 22m long by 12m wide, and 3.5m high.  This structure will protect two – three rows of trees depending on their size and how much space you leave between each row, and the netting.  For example, a small orchard structure with 3m diameter trees, will. comfortably fit 8 trees with 2m between each tree and 2m metres space between the netting and the trees.  But, if you wanted to fit a greater variety of trees in, or are growing mainly dwarf varieties, the second illustration below shows that you can fit up to 15 trees in, but it’s important to note that the spaces between the rows are much narrower.


Measuring 30m long by 18m wide, and 3.5m high.  This structure will protect three rows of trees, or up to 18 trees 3m in diameter easily, with space for mowing and moving small machinery between the trees.


Measuring 40m long by 22m wide, and 3.5m high.  This structure will protect four rows of trees easily, with space for mowing and moving small machinery between the trees.



Interested in an EZBuild Orchard Structure but need something more specific for your block?  Maybe a different size?  Vermi-mesh?  Gates? Or a taller structure?  We can help with customisations & custom sizes.

Ready to Measure Up? Fill in the form below and we’ll send you through the pole layout and plans for our EZbuild Kits.

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We’re happy to help – just give us a call or email us & we’ll help you design an orchard structure to suit your block.