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Shade Cloth Perth WA

Premium quality Shadecloth at factory direct prices.

Crackpots supplies premium shadecloth that is suitable for all of your needs – domestic, commercial and horticultural uses.

Shade cloth has multiple applications in addition to providing shade – it makes an excellent windbreak or can be used for screening.

Shade Cloth supplied by Crackpots features –

  • Our Shadecloth is UV stabilised, perfect for the harsh WA environment
  • We source from one of the best factories in the world, so that we can offer our 10-year pro-rata warranty
  • All shadecloth has re-inforced edging along both sides of the full 50m roll
  • The Selvedge includes buttonholes to make it easy to join, fix, and attach.
  • The reinforced edges and buttonholing reduces the risk of ripping
  • Available in 1.83m and 3.66m widths
  • Plus we offer it in three different shade grades – 35%, 50% and 70%
Shade DensityShadecloth WidthGSMRoll WidthRoll DiameterRoll Weight
35%1.83m95 GSM
35%3.66m95 GSM
50%1.83m120 GSM

50%3.66m120 GSM
70%1.83m200 GSM1.83m
70%3.66m200 GSM1.83m

35% Shade Cloth – Pick up O’Connor WA

This is an open woven product that will to filter out 35% of the light.

It’s especially suited to shading plants.

  • 35% Shadecloth will let sufficient light through to allow growth, while eliminating the harsher UV rays
  • Knitted, monofilament construction.
  • Available in the following colours – beige, white, black and green.
  • Choose between 1.83m and 3.66m widths on 50m rolls.

35% shadecloth is ideally suited to use as a windbreak to protect plants & crops.

50% Shadecloth, 50m Rolls

This product has more strands than the 35% shadecloth.  It makes it a heavier fabric, and blocks out an additional 15% light.

Suitable for shading plants that require more protection from the sun, or are in a particularly exposed area.  Also useful for screening patios, and light industrial applications.

  • Medium grade, knitted monofilament construction
  • Available in the following colours – beige, white, black and green.
  • Choose between 1.83m and 3.66m widths on 50m rolls.

70% Shade Cloth, 1.83m & 3.66m width

This is a heavy, industrial grade knitted construction, suitable for serious screening and protection.

  • Most often used on building sites as screening
  • Ideal for heavy duty horticultural applications
  • Heavy duty, knitted monofilament construction
  • Available in black, green and beige (no white)
  • Choose between 1.83m and 3.66m widths on 50m rolls.

Tips for Installing

How to join sections of shadecloth – Crackpots shade cloth comes with reinforced edging on both sides.   In this edging there are buttonholes.  These buttonholes are ideal for joining shade cloth.  To join two pieces of shade cloth, overlap along the long edge and align the buttonholes so that you can thread wire through the holes.  Make sure you go in and out –  see. image below.   We recommend using a nylon or PVC coated wire as this will reduce the wear on the shadecloth over time.

What is the best method of fixing shadecloth to a structure like a shed or a fence?  We recommend using a similar method to above, and thread the PVC coated wire through the buttonholes to. create an edge that can then be tensioned and fixed into place.  By attaching the wire, rather than the shadecloth directly, you are spreading the load across the length of the wire, and by doing so reducing the risk of ripping or tearing.


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