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Get knotted! When it comes to bird netting, that’s the best advice we can give you. In permanent setups, knotted netting has many significant advantages over the knitted variety. It has an inherently high strength and excellent wear characteristics, with a higher resistance to tearing due to the multiple hard twisted twine construction. The twine is knotted at every mesh, so it can’t unravel – any tear stops at the knot, which also makes it easier to repair. The low profile ensures an easy passage of water and air through the net, so there’s a lower potential for water retention dragging down the net panel or billowing in wet and windy conditions. The multiple-twist mono-filaments reduce exposure to UV damage; and it’s less bulky, making it easier to bundle and transport. We’ve just taken delivery of a container full of premium quality 6-ply black netting ideal for orchard structures. Happily for us, a mistake on the part of the netting factory has resulted in this delivery being even tougher than normal, weighing in at 65g per square metre. So if you’re considering putting up an anti-bird structure to protect this year’s planting of fruit trees, now’s the time to organise your netting! Give us a call to find out how we can help with your structure – we can send you our instruction video for the DIY EZBuild orchard structure video.Crackpot Rural Supplies - Anti Bird Netting