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Ezi Crop Protection – another successful orchard structure!

Tired of the birds getting all the benefit from your fruit trees? Need effective crop protection? The best way to protect your crops from birds is with a permanent orchard netting structure. An orchard structure will protect your crops for a decade or more before you’ll have to consider replacing it. Now is a great time to get your poles and anchors in the ground, while it’s easy digging. Installing poles and anchors now and leaving it for a while will also give the posts time to settle in, before you install the bird netting. Here are some photos of a satisfied customer who built his orchard structure on his property in Yallingup. It was great to help him get started.  If you need any help or advice to get your own orchard structure and keep your fruit safe for years to come,  we’d be happy to help. We stock all the gear you need, along with a step-by-step video and a manual to help you build your own EziBuild Structure. For more details, visit https://crackpotsrural.com.au/ezbuild-structures/