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Weeds no more, with durable weedmat

This winter’s heavy rains and sunshine have been an absolute boon for the weeds! Weeding is part of life at this time of year, but there is another way. An easy method for weed suppression is to use weedmat, of which there are two main types. Spun-bonded mats allow air and water to pass through,…Continue Reading

Tree Guards a great investment.

It may sound obvious, but the one single thing you can do to ensure the survival of your young plants is to water them regularly for the first 12 months to help them get established (not really a problem at this time of year!) The second best thing you can do is to protect them…Continue Reading

Bird Structures – build your own!

EZBUILD BIRD STRUCTURE – EASY, COST EFFECTIVE CROP PROTECTION Crackpots has the solution to keep your crops free from birds! A permanent bird structure is the most cost effective, long term solution for keeping your crop free from birds. The team at Crackpots have designed a bird control structure especially for smaller orchards that with…Continue Reading


Revolutionary Vegie Mesh makes it quick and easy to grow and harvest those climbing vegetables like tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers and melons. With Vegie Mesh, no stakes are required – just roll out the Vegie Mesh fence to create a 2m high by 50m long mesh ‘fence’. No need to bend when harvesting – the…Continue Reading

Introducing TROFORTE M ®- the future of plant nutrition.

Did you know that up to 85% of non slow release fertilisers are leached away, with no benefit to the plants? Non slow release fertilisers are also the biggest polluters of our waterways, responsible for algal blooms that destroy fish and aquatic plant life. Crackpots recommends TROFORTE M ® –  a technologically advanced  plant nutrition…Continue Reading

It’s a great time to start planting – but not without your Tree Guards!

With some healthy autumn rain behind us, it’s a great time to get your plants in the ground. If you’re serious about giving your young plantings the best possible chance of survival, don’t plant without Crackpots’ premium quality corflute Tree Guards.  Our Tree Guards represent the best and most cost effective option for maximising plant growth and…Continue Reading

Premium 35% shadecloth – an effective, inexpensive windbreak.

Crackpots premium quality, low-shade (35%) shadecloth has proven to be a very effective option for creating windbreaks, and is both inexpensive and easy to install. The re-enforced buttonhole edging allows for easy fixing – simply thread PVC coated or nylon wire through the re-enforced margins, then tension and fix wires at the desired locations, slide…Continue Reading