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Net Structures

Custom Structure Design & Construction

Custom Structure DesignOur experienced team can provide you with a cost effective, customised bird net structure design that is best suited to protect your trees, vines or garden. However, we also recognise that every site is different and must fill different needs according to its circumstances. Soil type, shading, topography, orientation, potential for expansion, access, aesthetics and budget are all important factors in considering what type of bird net structure best suits your requirements. Custom Structure DesignWe specialise in small to medium sized anti-bird netting structures up to around 100 meters in length, and typically make a site inspection to determine whether there any special issues likely to affect the design and construction. We then provide a detailed plan and quote, and if you want to go ahead we arrange a suitable time to start building. After installing the poles we secure them in place with structural wire or cabling, with appropriate anchoring and access points. Inside this pole and wire structure we install netting panels that clip neatly and securely so that there are no points of abrasion. This ensures the long term protection you can expect from a well planned and executed bird et structure. Contact us now to help you design the anti-bird netting structure you need. The following design features are available as required;

  • Wide access gates for tractors or machinery
  • Personnel gates
  • Vermin proof fence to exclude rabbits and other pests
  • Sloping net sides
  • Espalier rows

Please note:

  • All metal fixings, anchors, wires, cabling, hinges etc are hot dipped galvanised.
  • We stock a complete range of gear to replace damaged or old netting and structure components.
  • We supply netting panels cut to required lengths and widths.