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Espalier and Grafting

Espalier is the horticultural technique of training trees through pruning and grafting to create a ‘two dimensional’ pattern of branches.
While espalier plays an important role in commercial operations and is widely used throughout fruit growing regions of Australia, it also has a significant role in creating attractive and productive fruit bearing trees in gardens and small orchards. Espalier is relatively easily constructed, comprising a number of securely anchored poles rising out of the ground with tensioned wires running from end to end, with support from intermediate poles.

Vines or tree branches are pruned and trained to the tensioned wires producing a highly productive and attractive living, growing feature.

An espalier collects almost as much sunlight as a regular tree, but has far less mass.

This makes them ideal in gardens where space is limited. Planted next to a wall, growth can be significantly enhanced which can reflect more sunlight and retain heat overnight, or be planted so that they are facing the equator so that they absorb maximum sunlight. This allows espalier to succeed in cooler climates, where a non-espaliered tree of the same variety would fail.

Installing espalier is not difficult provided you have the right instructions, equipment and tools.

Crackpots supplies all the gear you need to install and maintain your espalier.

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Crackpots supplies grafting tape and tools for all your horticultural requirements. We only stock Australian-made grafting tape. Boxes of grafting tape are available in two sizes: 12mm and 19mm, in boxes of 100 and 60 rolls respectively. Contact us with your grafting tape requirements and we can post or freight your order the same day!

Grafting Equipment Perth

Grafting Equipment Perth

Grafting Equipment Perth